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15-16 Seat Minibus Hire

Our 15-16 seat minibus hire in Durham is perfect for passing on a critical get-together of individuals. The minibuses are amazingly gigantic with a lot of room for you to sit gently and extricate up.
The Durham 15-16 seat passenger van have a smooth look and an intriguing culmination that ascents up out of the rest. The minibuses will offer the best introductions everywhere as they are all around kept up and constantly kept in marvellous working condition here at Durham 15-16 minibus rental.

Our 16 seat minibuses are one of a kind, with plenty of legroom, overhead luggage racks as well as reclining seats. These give extra space and two a more critical number of seats than the 15-seater minibuses. All these minibuses are still new, and all around kept clean. We have guaranteed that the minibuses have that dash of comfort and class.

Our 15-16 seater Minibuses are ideal for a wide range of adventures. They are overall present-day vehicles that are maintained consistently to ensure quality. The 15-16 seater Minibus transport is regularly the most conservative and incentive for your cash.
The 16-seater takes into consideration expansive gatherings and baggage to travel serenely.

Our 15-16 passenger minibuses in Durham are popular for:

  • 15-16 seat minibus for trip to the races.
  • Business and corporate outings.
  • Airport exchanges.
  • School day trips.
  • Night outs for hens and stags.
  • Shuttle minibus service.
  • Minibus hire service for tours.
  • Weddings & funerals.

The 16-seater Minibus can get you and your staff to and occasion with a prompt and agreeable administration. We additionally specialise bookings to and from all UK Airports. Our staff can propose flight and get times, with the end goal to get you to the Airport in a great time.
Our staff will likewise exhort on gear limit with regards to our vehicles, so you can book a vehicle that fits your requirements easily. There is no compelling reason to stress over transport, abandon it to the expert.

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